What you see on the proof is what you get when its printed.

Your design is a masterpiece. On screen, that is. Now, it’s time to translate your creative vision to paper. Welcome to pre-press. American Printing Co. (APC) has invested in the most advanced pre-press technology, as well as the skilled technicians who make the magic happen. Here’s what to expect:

Full-service communications network with anytime access

APC offers the Delano Pre-press System, the ultimate in online project management, with complete capabilities:

  • Quickly upload files, view rendered files, and approve proofs remotely.
  • Connect to APC sales, customer service, prepress and production.
  • Enjoy user-friendly features, such as automatic conversion of spreads and spot colors and integrated soft-proofing.

Accurate, efficient, reliable PDF workflow

ApogeeX, the Adobe PDF print engine allows PDF files to be rendered natively throughout the workflow, eliminating the need to flatten transparent artwork. You get the assurance that what appears on-screen is what gets reproduced on paper.

Award-winning color management, including an in-house technician specializing in uncoated paper

Sublima screening combines both the stochastic and conventional dot for twice as much detail and a wider color spectrum than traditional screening with no extra effort on press. Reduces rainbows in neutral colors, eliminates rosettes, and produces tint builds that look like solids.